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[sticky post] Master fic list

This is the master list, not in any particular order.

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Watching Sherlock tonight? Have Twitter?

Linked from HERE:

Blowing away the fog of the Victorian era, the world's most famous detective — Sherlock, enters the 21st century in a thrilling update of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories this Fall on Masterpiece mystery!

Masterpiece mystery! celebrates Sherlock Holmes and his powers of deduction with a live Twitter event on Sunday, October 24, 2010, during the premiere of Sherlock: A Study in Pink.

You're welcomed whenever you're watching, but during 9-10:30pm Eastern time, PBS and Masterpiece insiders — as well as mystery experts from Baker Street Blog, The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes and The Strand magazine — will be tweeting too.

Tag your posts with the hashtag #sherlock_pbs and then visit us on TweetGrid, or use your own favorite aggregator.

WHAT: PBS and Masterpiece are hosting a live Twitter discussion (#sherlock_pbs)

WHEN: Sunday, October 24th, 2010, 9-10:30pm Eastern time

WHERE: Join us using our own custom Tweetgrid (Use hashtag #sherlock_pbs).

TOPICS: Sherlock Holmes, mysteries, Masterpiece mystery!

WHO: @pbs; @masterpiecepbs; Scott Monty (@BakerStreetBlog) BSI, editor of the Baker Street Blog and co-host of I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere; Leslie Klinger (@lklinger) editor of The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes; and Andrew Gulli, editor of The Strand magazine (@strandmag) — and YOU!

RSVP: Please follow and be followed (on Twitter, of course!) by other #sherlock_pbs tweeters

Sherlock Recc

I've been skimming to see if this has been on a recc list yet. I havent seen it (or I missed it horribly).

Old Memories And Young Hopes by flawedamythyst 

The first time Sherlock held a violin, he was six and he already knew how to play a handful of Mendelssohn's Lieder.

This fic mixes the original book series with the new BBC series, and it is utterly heartbreakingly beautiful. PLEASE go read, wibble a bit and love it like I do.

Multi-fandom fic challenge!

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Prompts are open for the claim!

If you've not seen it yet....

Posted and posted and posted around the f-list by so many others, but I kind of forgot to post it myself.... *ashamed*

Totally epic vid from di_br  called Tenth Doctor: The Musical.


If anyone hasn't seen it yet....

New promo pic for Doctor Who

I'm not sure what to think about this pic..... A bit nice. A bit cheesy. Still makes me excited for season five (or what ever the hell Moffatt is calling it -- I'm sticking to s5.)

(Only linking just in case someone doesn't want to be spoiled or something... there are some s5 monsters in the pic...)



Ganked from sunnyd_lite

Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the fic? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that.


Oh I knew it was coming! I knew it! *squee*

John Barrowman is heading to Hollywood to play the ‘bad guy’ on TV hit Desperate Housewives.

The Torchwood and Dr Who star will guest star in several episodes on the long-running show about the goings on in fictional Wisteria Lane.

Barrowman, 42, will fly to Los Angeles early March to film with Desperate Housewives leading ladies Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria Parker. Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry is keeping the plotlines involving Barrowman secret. However, The Daily Mail can reveal that he will be the show’s main villain in the last section of the current season, series six.

Episodes featuring Barrowman will be broadcast in the America later in the Spring. Executive producer Cherry met with Barrowman last week after watching him in episodes of Torchwood. He was very taken by Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness character. (DailyMail)


Title: Bitterns, Loons and Shakespeare, Oh My!
Author: sassy_lion
Written for: momdaegmorgan and my prompt writing exercise 5 January 2010.
Prompt: bittern
Word count: 121
Spoilers: If you know who Martha is, you're good.
Summary: Just a simple day at the marsh.

"And how did you say you know these things?"Collapse )
Title: One, where the pale sea foamed at the yellow sand
Author: sassy_lion
Written for: momdaegmorgan and my prompt writing exercise 4 January 2010.
Prompt: saltwater
Word count: 200
Spoilers: If you've seen Journey's End, you're good.
Pairing: Ten II/Rose
Summary: She stands at the edge of the water.
Note: The title comes from a line in the Conrad Aiken poem called The House of Dust.

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Help f-list!

Im making a CD for a party I'm going to tonight. Right now I only have 4 songs.

In the comments, just name one song you associate with Halloween.

Just recopying what

neadodswrote because I'm pretty much FUMING to make up my own words

Bottom line: many (most?) of the librarians in the Oak Brook. IL library have been fired. This appears to have been orchestrated by Constantine "Connie" Xinos, someone who has been against the library since before it existed, having fought against its building. Mr. Xinos has worked to elect [village] board members who agree with him about the library.

People who spoke to the board in defense of the library included children. Mr. Xinos is quoted as bragging to a reporter that he wanted them to have a sleepless night after he shredded and patronized them, (a dismissive patronization spread widely around; the former head librarian has several degrees, but Xinos sniffed that her job consisted of wiping tables and shelving books.) Xinos makes a good villain, as he has also bragged about ending an attempt to have a senior center built in the town. Based on this article, his basic life philosophy is "I've got mine, fuck you."

Yes, times are tight. Yes, firefighting and police are important. But so the hell are libraries, which are so much more than just bookstores-for-free.

Neil Gaiman has also tweeted this.

Slog (The Stranger's Blog) has called him "The Evilest Man in Illinois"




sirriamnishas more info and how you can help.

There is info in the comments on the entry that I'm reposting here for everyone (cause I know people who just skim comments or ignore them all together).

addresses thanks to udjibbom

Lawyer: Constantine Xinos (Self-Employed)
134 N. Lasalle Street Suite 444
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 263-6167

the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
One Prudential Plaza
130 East Randolph Drive, Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60601-6219
(312) 565-2600 / (800) 826-8625
Fax: (312) 565-2320

Q&A thanks to peaceheather

How Do I Request an Investigation of an Attorney?

By mailing to our office, either in Chicago or Springfield, a request that you want an attorney to be investigated by our office. Your request should be in writing. No special form is necessary. For your convenience, you may download a Request for Investigation form. Please return the Request by postal mail or hand-delivery. The ARDC does not accept an e-mail transmission of a Request for Investigation.

What Kinds of Information Should I Put in My Request for an Investigation?

A request should include all important information that relates to your request. If possible, it should be typewritten or printed to be sure that it is legible. The request should include:

Your name, address and telephone number, and the name, address and telephone number of the attorney whom you want us to investigate (include the lawyer's full name, as well as the law firm name);

Any court case names and numbers;

A description of what the lawyer did or did not do that may have been improper; and

Any supporting documents that you have, such as letters, agreements, or other documents involved.

PASS ALONG! EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS!! (I'll be cross-posting later -- now to bed! Work 7am!)

ETA (09 Oct - 10 AM): This post is now public. (I was WAY tired last night and forgot to change the settings on this post... *head.desk*) There's no way I'm keeping this friends only.
I'm looking at sending the article to WBAY, FOX11 and other local stations to get the word out. The more people know, the more can be done to help. I don't have time this moment, but I don't think I've seen anything from CNN about this yet either. I'll write something up to them during lunch if something doesn't come up by then.

If anyone does see something, please leave me a comment and let me know!


ETA 2 (09 Oct - 12:30 PM): I have left a News Tip on the Contact Page of CNN.com. The comment I left is posted below

There is a large group of people that think this should be nationally public and spoken up about. Even popular writer, Neil Gaiman has tweeted this.

A lawyer in Oak Brook named Constantine Xinos, has orchestrated and essentially gotten three full-time and two part-time library employees fired. He said Oak Brook had to "stop indulging people in their hobbies" and "their little, personal, private wants." He has also said "This is the real world and the lesson, you folks who brought your kids here, is if you want something, pay for it."
He spoke up against an 11 year old girl who spoke on behalf of the library (bringing her to tears) and later said "I wanted that kid to lose sleep that night."




ETA 3 (09 Oct 2:20 PM): Email back from CNN. My news tip will be viewed in a timely fashion.
I also found an article on The Chicagoist site on this bastard. It's dated the 2nd.


For some reason, the pics are loading into this entry at the moment. So the links are below. They're good when they're smaller, but clicking all the way to the highest size makes them kinda grainy. My camera doesn't do well on close-ups and I don't have a scanner.....

Pages 30&31 together
Page 30 alone

Page 31 alone

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Fic: Untitled

Title: Untitled
Author: [info]sassy_lion
Written for: Long overdue to kyrina for the drabble meme, who asked for DW related - something fun
Beta: The awesome [info]xebgoc
Word count: 100, as drabbles go
Summary: "This is what's going to save the world?"
Note: I have no idea where this came from. I'm blaming my little brother anyways.

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Ended up skipping the plagarism panel and instead went to Cage Match: Science vs Magic. Got a bunch of reading reccs to certainly catch up on and already getting a good idea on a world building exercise. Skipped out of the Informal Fic Swap for some wandering and some good coversations before Closing Ceremonies.

Also I won a book on the Psychology of Joss Whedon from the raffle. Can't wait to read it, personally. I have to get through Naughty Shakespeare: The Lascivious Lines, Offensive Oaths and Politically Incorrect Notions of the Baddest Bard of All along with The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies** first. Also managed to snag a Writercon T-shirt, plus the last Blink shirt in XL. *yay!*

All in all, including my hotel room, my gas to Minneapolis and the bit of cash I spent at the Hard Rock Cafe, at Pizza Lucé and in the Dealers Room, I came away from the con on less than $300. For me, that's absolutely fantastic. I've honestly never come away from a con spending that little before but having that much fun (and actually sleeping at the con because I usually don't do that either).

Made it back to Stevens Point around 10pm and decided that another two hours home of driving wasn't exactly the wisest idea, so I crashed at[info]rensong's again. Which she has another thank you from me for putting me up for the night.

I want to say thanks to all the people who put together Writercon for us attendees. I really can't say enough on how much I really enjoyed this weekend.

I do have to say also have to say much thanks to rebcake for letting me stay in your room, [info]versaphile, [info]shiverelectric , and Queen of the Universe for taking that 6 block trip down to my car (with the luggage) and letting me tag along for Pizza Lucé (I doubt you're going to forget that brownie sundae anytime soon, shiver),[info]amaresu for the first trip to my car (and finding it still in one piece, and not towed) and all the DW chatting plus the convincing me to not attend The Wake,harmonyfb for the zombie porn and the wonderful "sex in a Pinto" demo,scarlettgirl and[info]invisible_lift for wonderful conversation after the 2pm panel,shaddyr for being a wonderful hospitality chair (I mentioned to scarlettgirl that I've volunteered for other con chairs in the past and had terrible results with them -- wonderful way to take charge and keep everything moving in the con suite) and [info]soundingsea for leading me out of Minneapolis -- you are brilliant and you have so many of my thank yous -- plus anyone else I've run into this last weekend that I might not be remembering at the moment (and I sincerely apologize for that). I'm always open for friending, just leave me a comment so I remember who you all are!

Writercon was a blast and I hope to keep contact with most (if not all) of you guys in the future!

ETA (cause I forgot to add the other two books in there): **Did anyone else know about The War of the Worlds Plus Blood, Guts and Zombies and

I'm glad the Boston PD won't cover it up!

Just found these thanks to truTV... article dated 20 May 2009.


Doctor Who drabble for yourebrilliant

Title: Cioccolato
Author: sassy_lion
Written for: yourebrilliant for the drabble meme, who asked for domestic Ten/Rose, no smut
Beta: The awesome xebgoc
Word count: 100, as drabbles go
Summary: "There you go!" The Doctor leaned against the TARDIS door as Rose turned circles on the tarmac.

Clicky for drabble!Collapse )

Doctor Who: Through the Eyes of Another

Title: Through the Eyes of Another
Author: sassy_lion
Beta: xebgoc
Rating: G
Setting: Before "Rose" to sometime after "Doomsday"
Summary: She watched Rose, knowing one day she'd save the world.
Notes: Ah, my ever faithful sticky notes came through again, which means I wrote these at work. :) This idea's been in my head for quite a long time, but I was never sure how to format this idea into a story. Fortunately, my muse finally got to it and decided that it really didn't need a story format. Six drabbles, 600 words in MS Office.

She watched and waited....Collapse )



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